Blue Jay Cleaners

COLLEGE STUDENTS!   Free Storage of clothes over the Summer with Dry Cleaning.

The Blue Jay Difference...

Unlike many of our competitors, Blue jay cleaners uses a 2 batch process to clean your clothes.

The first batch process uses recycled solvent to get the heavy dirt deposits out of your clothes. This is where the "heavy lifting" is done.  Most of our competitors stop here because it saves them $$$.

Now here's our the secret:

We use a 2nd batch process to deep clean your clothes using ALL NEW solvent.  Most cleaners use recycled solvent for this process, if they do it at all.  Using new solvent every time makes your whites more white and darks closer to the original color.  It costs us a bit more, but you're worth it!

No chemical smell!

If you smell chemicals in your clothes after cleaning, it's because someone left the chemicals in there!  Our drying process removes all solvents from your clothes.  No chemical smell, no skin irritation.
Just clean, bright clothes. 

Blue Jay's is Completely Computerized!

Having our system completely computerized mean you get the same great quality time after time.
• Same Day Service 
• Drop off by 10am, Ready at 4pm

• Dry Cleaning

• Shirt Service

• Wash & Fold Service

• Alterations

• Tailoring

• Storage

51 Broadway

New Haven, CT 06511

Hours of Operation
Mon. - Fri.
7am - 6pm
7am - 3pm

Blue Jay Cleaners meets all Federal Standards
We use environmentally safe Salts in our process - it costs us a bit more, but it's better for the environment!
Your Eco Friendly Cleaning Company
51 Broadway
New Haven, CT 06511
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